Health and Safety

Safety and Health Programs have been implemented at all our sites to manage the Safety and Health of all personnel working on those sites.

These programs go beyond compliance with existing regulations with its continuous reviews and policy amendments.

The majority of the people involved in our operations and projects are based at the Philsaga Mining Corporation sites, which includes site contractors and suppliers.

These Safety and Health programs include:

  • General Safety and Health rules and specialised work rules for handling hot works, lifting activities, etc
  • Provision of Management and Employee Safety Training to ensure competency on safe work practices;
  • Regular and comprehensive medical surveillance to monitor the health conditions of personnel reporting and leaving work;
  • Refresher Courses for Employees assigned in relatively high-risk designations;
  • Systematic planned inspections in order address unsafe conditions in all workplaces;
  • Comprehensive emergency preparedness planning, monthly training, and programming at mine and mill sites, including quarterly fire and earthquake responsiveness drills;
  • Hazard prevention and control, through improved hazard awareness training, program of workplace inspections, Job Hazard Analyses, thorough investigation of incidents, continual communication with the workforce, and implementation of the corrective/improvement actions;Continued regular training for the Emergency Response Team (“ERT”) e.g. chemical spill, mine rescue and firefighting, with the teams participating in annual national competitions;
  • Development and implementation of a system and operational audits; and
  • Greater focus on completion of improvement action plans.